Frequently asked questions

How fast will IDs be generated?

We generate IDs within seconds. This process is "luck based". It usually takes less than 30 seconds but in rare cases it can take up to two minutes. Usually when the process takes longer you end up with a better ID, this is no guarantee though.

What levels have IDs?

Generated IDs will have at least level 30. Because this process is not predictable you can sometimes get lucky and get an identity of level 36 or higher. In most cases your ID will have a level of 32-35.

Do I have to pay more if I get a better ID?

No. You pay for an ID with at least level 30. If you get extremely lucky and get an ID of a much higher level we won't charge you an additional fee.

Are my IDs unique?

Yes. Each time you request an ID we will generate one for you and only you. No other user will ever have the same ID as you. This is also the reason why you have to wait for an ID, we don't generate them in advance.

Are my IDs really usable in TeamSpeak?

Yes. Your IDs will be usable in TeamSpeak in exactly the same way as every other ID you might already have. We provide IDs in a form that allows easy import into your TeamSpeak client without the need of any tools.

How do I import an Identity?

Download an identity from your account. In your TeamSpeak client, click the "Tools" menu and select "Identities" (or hit CTRL+I). Right click into the white area that shows a list of all your identities and select "Import". Select the file you downloaded earlier.

Can I submit my own ID to increase its level?

No. We don't offer this service at the moment but we might consider doing so in the future.

Can I delete generated IDs?

Yes. You can permanently erase the part of the ID that TeamSpeak requires to use it. The ID will no longer be importable into TeamSpeak but we still list it in your account.

Can I generate IDs in a quick series?

Yes. There is no wait time between generating IDs. You can buy a number of IDs and generate them all right away.

Can I export my IDs at a later time?

Yes. As long as you don't erase the ID (see "Can I delete generated IDs?") you can download the file for import into TeamSpeak at any time and as often as you like. We recommend you don't share IDs across different devices.

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