Generate teamspeak identities within seconds

Our service allows you to generate identities that have a high security level very quickly.

The TeamSpeak 3 client takes days or even weeks to increase the security level beyond 24, this is troublesome especially when you lost your ID and need a new one with a similar level. We can create identities beyond level 30 in less than 30 seconds.

We offer in bulk

Because identities take a long time to generate a high security level, people tend to take the ID with them when using teamspeak on another computer or on their mobile devices. Imagine you use the same key to unlock all your locks (home, work, car, bike lock, safe, ...) and somebody steals it. With our service you can easily and securely generate multiple identities very fast.

With safety in mind

We store your generated identities securely in our database so you can retrieve them at any time. You no longer need to store your identities in a plain text file.
As an additional option, we allow you to wipe identity keys from our database.

Cheap and reliable

We offer very competitive pricing for as low as 75 cents for an identity. You can buy a batch of identities and generate them whenever you need them.
There are no monthly subscriptions and no hidden costs

Fit for Enterprises

If you wish to generate identities for your entire corporation, department, group or gaming clan, we deliver in bulk. Ask us for a quote today
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